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Imagine your child's eyes lighting up as they grasp real science principles with enthusiasm and accuracy. Our expertly crafted, full-color hardcovers are designed to make learning an adventure, with engaging illustrations and hands-on activities that bring abstract ideas to life.

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About Us

About Us

Dr. Rebecca Woodbury founded Gravitas Publications in 2003, offering hands-on science curricula for K-8.
Our Learning Approach

Our Learning Approach

We do things a little differently. At the heart of our educational approach is a commitment to divergence from the norm.
Our Products

Our Products

Our books and experiments are designed to provide comprehensive and engaging learning opportunities for all students.

The books are so well-produced, colorful, and the drawings are fun and informative...

We have used the text as a read-aloud where the girls get the opportunity to practice reading as we explore each chapter together. I don’t have a background in science, but I have been empowered to offer the children a robust, organized, well-rounded science education. I love learning along with the girls and I feel so relieved to have explanations for how things work and why. Sabrina; Homeschool Mom, 2023


Questions? We have answers.

Many public school science textbooks, especially at the elementary level, present a surface-level array of "sciencey" topics, embellished with attractive visuals, rather than diving into genuine scientific content, like chemistry. This kind of instruction falls short, leaving students ill-equipped to handle science in the later grades and critically evaluate scientific information later in life.Real Science-4-Kids flips the traditional narrative. Instead of giving students a simplistic overview of science in the elementary grades and introducing real science concepts later on, we introduce real science vocabulary and content starting in first grade so they are better prepared for high school and college.

Our products are not for every homeschool family. We don't want to sell our products to you if they don't fit your homeschool

If you can answer yes to these questions, your homeschool is a fit for RS4K & RATATAZ:

1. I prefer real world hands-on activities and print books for my child over video instruction.

2. I plan to spend time with my child while they are using RS4K books and RATATAZ kits to facilitate their learning.

3. I believe that "play" is an integral part of learning science and I encourage my child to make a mess
with the hands-on activities.

4. I want my child to learn science in a way that prepares them for upper level science courses and I am comfortable learning
science alongside them if needed.

Grades K-1: If your child is not reading, we recommend waiting to start the Science Series books.

Grades 2-5: Once your child is reading start with Science Book 1. Once they've grasped the concepts in Book 1, we recommend proceeding through the subsequent books in the Science series. Complement their learning with our RATATAZ kits, providing a selection of hands-on activities to reinforce content knowledge.

Grades 6-12: As students progress into their teenage years, it's crucial to maintain continuity in their science education. Complete the Science series and utilize the advanced RATATAZ kits.

You can purchase them from us or from one of our distributors. Contact us at office@gravitaspublications.com and we can process an order for you.

We have not updated the Laboratory Notebook and Teacher's manual. We would like to encourage you to try the RATATAZ kits. The RATATAZ kits are a more comprehensive way of learning by doing hands-on science and students work through a series of 4 experiments and then complete a 5th experiment that asks students to solve a problem using their new skills.

We updated the look of the Building Block series and renamed it Science. Some changes have been made to the graphics and there are minor corrections to the text. The Study Folder and Quizzes are the same.

Teaching science, even chemistry, isn't hard with the right curricular materials. Our books present authentic science (real vocabulary and concepts like atoms) organized in a way that makes it easy for parents or teachers to teach and easy for kids to learn. Still not feeling confident? Click here for more help.

Are you ready to ignite a lifelong love of learning in your homeschooler? Look no further than our Real Science-4-Kids textbook series. Unlike traditional programs that water down complex concepts, our books dive straight into the fascinating world of atoms, molecules, and authentic scientific terminology from day one.