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Science Book 5


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"Science Book 5" progresses from where the fourth edition left off, diving deeper into the subjects of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. This edition enriches students' understanding by exploring how bonds form, the chemistry of living things, the physics of force, energy, and work, and more. 

Book 5 is designed as a year-long curriculum, with 22 chapters. Each scientific discipline is introduced, followed by four chapters that dive into more detail. Clear diagrams and illustrations are used throughout to explain complex ideas.

Print Book Only Includes:

Student Text Book 5 (hardcover). We ship this to you. 

Digital Assets Include:

Science Book 5 Lesson Plan (download)

Science Book 5 Study Notebook (download)

Science Book 5 MIdterms (download)

Atoms Matter

We connect the concept of matter to atoms and molecules. And we make it easy. Students learn authentic vocabulary that are connected to real science concepts building their science literacy

Hands-On Activities

Head over to our Experiment Hub to review, download, and print any of our free activites that interests your child. And we have more than just experiments! Student can go on a secret mission, engage in a debate, solve a problem, or complete a challenge.

Learning Science Simplified

Start with a Single Chapter

Once you have Book 5, your child can start learning right away by beginning with Chapter 1. Learning science is straightforward and easy with our books. There's no need for an internet connection or any subscriptions—your child will have the book to keep forever.

Pick an Experiment

Explore a wide range of activities, including experiments, secret missions, designed challenges and more. Each project is crafted to be engaging and informative. Ideal for curious young minds.

Encourage Play

Encourage your child to engage in play as part of learning science. Science is about testing, trying, and tinkering. This hands-on exploration builds problem-solving skills and fosters a love for learning.

Start with a Single Chapter
Pick an Experiment
Encourage Play

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