About Us

Dr. Rebecca Woodbury has explored how students learn for over two decades. Starting as a research scientist in the field of biophysical chemistry, she left academia to create quality educational support materials for students and educators. She started Gravitas Publications Inc. in 2003 and introduced the Real Science-4-Kids product line for home educators.

Dr. Woodbury and her three children, 2005

Dr. Woodbury has been dedicated to continually improving and enhancing the Real Science-4-Kids books over the years. In 2020, she took a significant step forward by introducing RATATAZ. This innovative learning model seamlessly blends in-depth knowledge content with student-driven inquiries. Furthermore, it emphasizes project-based learning, ensuring that students not only consume information but also apply it practically. Additionally, RATATAZ focuses on retrieval practice, ensuring students can readily recall and utilize what they've learned. It's a comprehensive approach designed for optimal student engagement and retention.

In 2021, Dr. Woodbury went back to graduate school to learn more about curriculum and instructional design from an educators perspective. She completes her M.Ed. in the spring of 2024. Through this endeavor, Dr. Woodbury has gained significant insight into how students learn, best practices for curriculum design, and effective assessments. Our updated Science series, new Reader series and RATATAZ kits demonstrate this new information. 

In December of 2023, Dr. Woodbury relocated her team to Tempe, AZ. In the new location, Gravitas Publications Inc. will be able to better serve both homeschool parents and school educators. 

Just for fun:

Look at how Gravitas Publications Inc.. Real Science-4-Kids, and RATATAZ have changed over time.