About our Products


Real Science-4-Kids Science Series: The Real Science-4-Kids Science series offers a structured and scaffolded approach to science education for young learners. This series has been used widely for its clarity and engaging content. Our new Science series is an update of our older Building Block series with a new design, updated content, and updated images for a clearer and more streamlined learning experience. When you purchase the textbook, you will also receive downloadable a student laboratory notebook, teacher's manual, quizzes, lesson plans and study folders at no additional cost. 

 Informational Text Readers Series Our Informational Text Reader series is geared towards students in K-2 who are learning to read. This series provides an introduction to science vocabulary and scientific content that will enhance reading comprehension and literacy skills in younger students. Suited for diverse learners, these texts are clear, concise, and packed with essential information. COMING SOON - RATATAZ Kits: RATATAZ kits put the science back into STEM education. Our RATATAZ kits are designed similar to maker space kits yet focus on the five core science subjects; chemistry, biology, physics, geology and astronomy.  We expand your student's learning experience through discovery, exploration, creativity, research, investigation and design.