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Science Book 1


View a sample here. (includes student pages, lesson plan pages and study notebook pages)

Dive into the world of science with Science Book 1. Spanning a year-long curriculum, it offers 22 chapters across five essential science disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. Each section begins with an introduction, followed by four detailed chapters, and wraps up with a conclusion. Rich, colorful illustrations make comprehension a breeze and add fun to the learning process for both children and teachers.

Print Book Only Includes:

Student Text Book 1 (hardcover). We ship this to you. 

Digital Assets Includes:

Science Book 1 Lesson Plan (download)

Science Book 1 Study Notebook (download)

Science Book 1 Midterms (download)

Start With Atoms

Science Book 1 starts with atoms, the fundamental building blocks of all matter. Our program starts with these basics, giving students a strong foundation. This approach is unique and sets us apart from other science books and programs.

Fun Experiments

Start your students learning real science with easy-to-do fun experiments for Book 1. Go to the Experiment Hub and download, print, and use only the experiments you want to try. Teacher instructions are included.

Teaching Real Science is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Read the Book

Learning science is as easy as reading a book. Just open to the first chapter and get started. No internet or online subscription needed.


Go to the Experiment Hub and find the experiment you want your child to do. Download, print and read the teacher instructions. Collect the materials, give your child the student pages and do the experiment with them.

Have Fun

Make a mess, explore new ideas, and let them play. Most of science is just playing and learning science is more exciting for your child if you are involved.

Read the Book
Have Fun

What People Are Saying

Anissa L.Homeschool Mom

Best Curriculum Ever!

Best science curriculum out there! Just wanted you to know how much I've appreciated teaching my kids from your materials.

John T.Middle School Science Teacher

As a science teacher, I've tried several programs, but RS4K stands out. The emphasis on authentic scientific vocabulary and age-appropriate foundational content makes it easy for my students to grasp complex concepts. The print materials are top-notch and enhance comprehension significantly.

Marsha L.Home School Mom

I love how RS4K introduces complex topics like atoms
and molecules in an easy-to-understand manner for younger students. My daughter
has developed a strong foundation in science and always looks forward to her lessons. The hands-on experiments are a big hit!"