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Science Book 2


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Delve deeper into the scientific realm with "Science Book 2", the next step for our inquisitive learners. Building on the foundational concepts introduced in Book 1, this sequel offers a more advanced exploration of the five central science disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. With a comprehensive year-long curriculum, Book 2 unfolds 22 engaging chapters, ensuring each scientific field is explored with precision. Beginning with an enlightening introduction, each discipline dives into four in-depth chapters, culminating in a summarizing conclusion. The vivid, captivating illustrations not only enhance comprehension but also ignite curiosity, making the learning journey both insightful and enjoyable. 

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Student Text Book 2 (hardcover). We ship this to you. 

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Science Book 2 Lesson Plan (download)

Science Book 2 Study Notebook (download)

Science Book 2 Midterms (download)

Force, Energy, & Inertia

In Book 2, students are introduced not only to force & energy, but also inertia - which keeps things moving. With our program students build foundational knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Create, Explore, Design

Head over to our Experiment Hub where students learn the scientific method, engineering & design principles, and problem solving with our free activities. Just download & print!

1 - 2 - 3 Simple Steps to Science

Open the Book & Learn

Your child's science learning begins with chapter one. Just open the book and have them begin reading. No subscription fees, technology set up, or internet necessary.

Find the Perfect Experiment 

Browse through our Experiment Hub to find one that captures their imagination. Students engage in direct-instructional experiments, design projects, and more. Just download, print and let the fun begin.

The Power of Play

Join your child while they learn science and reinforce the idea that play is crucial in learning science. Encourage your child to explore and experiment.

Open the Book & Learn
Find the Perfect Experiment 
The Power of Play

Notes From Our Fans

Lisa R.Home School Mom

RS4K's curriculum structure is excellent. It systematically covers chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and geology,
ensuring that students build their knowledge step by step. My son is more confident in his science skills now, thanks to this program.

Emily S.Elementary Teacher

The thoroughness of RS4K's curriculum is unparalleled.
It goes beyond superficial NGSS alignment to offer a comprehensive and accurate understanding of science. My students love the hands-on experiments and
engaging content.