Teaching Science in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to help your kids learn science and you don't just want to stick them in front of videos all day or passively learn with online classes, follow these 5 steps each week. 

DAY 1: Read.

Read a chapter of the Science series books, or a Lexile scored reader or another text. Spend 15-20 minutes reading together or if your child prefers, let them read alone.

DAY 2: Ask Questions.

Have your student ask questions they have from the reading and you ask questions too. Be curious, get creative and ask serious and silly questions.

DAY 3: Experiment.

Use one of our RATATAZ kits or your own kit. Let your child experiment, make a mess, and have fun doing science.

DAY 4: Answer Questions.

Remember those questions from DAY 2? Go try to answer them! This is when to use the internet or library or even get AI to help you and your child find sources for your questions.

DAY 5: Presentation.

Have your student or child present what they learned to you. You be the student and let them explain everything they learned this week. Make a video, or a posterboard presentation, or simply have them present orally.