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Real Science-4-Kids

Investigate Non-Newtonian Fluids

Investigate Non-Newtonian Fluids

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COMING SOON- Explore the intriguing properties of matter with the "Investigating Non-Newtonian Fluids" STEM kit, perfect for 8 to 10-year-olds. This bilingual (English and Spanish) educational set includes all necessary materials for four interactive tasks—modeling dough, slime, quicksand, and oobleck—alongside 5 detailed task cards for step-by-step guidance and a bilingual informative guide explaining the science behind these peculiar substances. It's an ideal blend of fun and learning, offering hands-on experiments that align with educational standards and stimulate curiosity, paving the way for a lasting interest in STEM.

The kits arrive in a box or a stackable plastic bin - your choice!

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